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Sewing Machine Repairs and Servicing

FixnSew is a service providing Repairs and Maintenance on your sewing machines.  We are based in Christchurch and you can find us here.

We are an authorized repairer for Husqvarna, Pfaff and Singer Domestic Sewing Machines and have dealership access to Janome and Elna. As we are are an authorized repair center then we only repair machines where we have had official training and access to the service manuals and support for your machine.  This gives you the confidence that we know how to service your machine with the latest technical information, support and know how.  

It is important to have your machines serviced on a regular basis which typically would be once a year unless the machine has had very little use.  Modern machines are computerised and require special calibration that can only be done through service menus and specific knowledge and tools.  Some of these tolerances are extremely tight and when set correctly will greatly improve your sewing/embroidery experience.  They are like cars in that the moving parts can wear and if the timing is not correct can cause poor stitch quality so preventative maintenance can prolong the life of the machine.
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